In February release hard rock project Empires Of Eden his new album “Architect of Hope” where, among other things, have the opportunity to hear Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Rick Altzi (Masterplan) and Jeff Martin (Racer X) via the player below you can listen to taste.

01. Vanish In The Light (Feat. Rick Altzi)
02. Architect Of Hope (Feat. Ralf Scheepers)
03. Push The Limits (Feat. Tony Webster)
04. Taken (Feat. George Call)
05. Weaponize (Feat. Carlos Zema)
06. Six Feet Under (Feat. Jeff Martin)
07. Killing As One (Feat. Mike Cotola)
08. Silent Hell (Feat. Raphael Dantas)
09. Holy Pharoah (Feat. Mike Dimeo)

Stu Marshall – Guitars & Bass (Death Dealer, Paindivision, Ronny Munroe, Saint Lucifer, Stu Marshall, ex-Dungeon)
Jason “Jasix” Manewell – Drums

Guest Musicians:
Rick Altzi – Vocals (At Vance, Frequency, Herman Frank, Masterplan, Sandalinas, ex-Sanity, ex-Thunderstone, ex-Treasure Land)
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals (Primal Fear, Scheepers, ex-F.B.I., Blackwelder, ex-Gamma Ray, ex-Tyran’ Pace)
Tony Webster – Vocals (Archetype, ex-Axemaster, ex-Mo Rage)
George Call – Vocals (Aska, Banshee, Emerald, Violent Storm, ex-Omen)
Carlos Zema – Vocals (Immortal Guardian, ex-David Shankle Group, ex-Heaven’s Guardian, ex-Vougan, ex-Outworld, ex-Amonicide)
Jeff Martin – Vocals (Racer X, ex-Black Symphony, ex-Leatherwolf, ex-Dokken (live), ex-Surgical Steel, ex-Badlands, ex-Blindside Blues Band, ex-Michael Schenker Group, ex-Red Sea, ex-UFO, ex-Paul Gilbert (live))
Mike Cotoia – Vocals (Fate Breaks Dawn)
Raphael Dantas – Vocals (Perc3ption, ex-Caravellus, ex-Triumph Divine, ex-Andragonia, ex-Preatcher)
Mike DiMeo – Vocals (Creation’s End, Midas Fate, Tenpoint, The Lizards, ex-Ilium, ex-Masterplan, ex-Riot, ex-Gate Three)

Password: Plotn08


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