Duckwalk Chuck has to be one of the strangest band names I’ve heard since Raging Slab or Rhino Bucket, and like the later these Norwegians have grown up on a steady diet of AC/DC three chord boogie. Imagine Broken Teeth with vocals that rumble more then they screech and you will have an idea of what Duckwalk Chuck sound like.

Track List:
01. GTA (Goddamn Tough Automobile)
02. Lace, Lust & Alcohol
03. Out Of Luck
04. Prime Bitch Rocker
05. Loudcifer
06. Alcopocalypse
07. Backstabber
08. Private Eye
09. Shoot You Down
10. Boogie Beast
11. Bikes & Broads
12. Stark Raving Mad

Reid “Burner” Gramstad – vocals
Kjetel Idland – guitar
Hakon “Pastor” Ronneberg – guitar
Arvid Mothorsen – bass
Tore Syvaldsen – drums

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