Carmine Appice, Rick Derringer, Duane Hitchings…

1 Doctors Of The Universe (Derringer/Appice/Hitchings/Proffer/Bishop)
2 Intellectual Freedom For The Masses (Derringer/Appice)
3 Rock n’ Roll (Part 2) (Glitter/Leander)
4 The Song That Wrote Itself (Derringer/Appice/Hitchings/Proffer)
5 Party Tested (Derringer/Appice/Hitchings/Proffer)
6 The Recipe For Life (Derringer/Appice)
7 What About? (Derringer/Appice/Proffer)

Rick Derringer – all guitars, guitar synthesizers, vocals
Carmine Appice – drums, percussion & effects, vocals
Duane Hitchings – synthesizers, all keyboards
Jimmy Johnson – bass

Password: Plotn08


DNA – Party Tested 1983

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