Cover DISTANT PAST_Rise Of The Fallen
THE FORCES OF LIGHT FACE THE FORCES OF DARKNESS IN AN EPIC BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY OF EARTH AND MANKIND.Distant Past return with their most ambitious work to date: A Concept album about the eternal struggle of the Temptation of Lucifer vs. the Teachings of God’s Son.

None other than Gloryhammer Singer Thomas L. Winkler joins the band to take the role of “The Son” to defend Mankind and save them from the evil influences of “The Fallen Angel”, performed by Jvo Julmy, who also embodies “The Voice of Mankind” in this new and exciting Album based on the greatest story ever told.

“It was a real task and a half”, says Distant Past Mastermind and Lyricists Adriano, “I had to change the whole story during the recordings, because the storytelling took away too much from the music. For me, it was more important to create an entertaining, fluent Album, than a complex and twisted story, so I had to change a few songs around, add some and leave some. The most difficult thing to do for me was to change lyrics of already existing songs.”

1 Masters Of Duality
2 Die As One
3 End Of The World
4 Ark Of The Saviour
5 Scriptural Truth
6 Redemption
7 The Road To Golgotha
8 Heroes Die
9 The Ascension
10 By The Light Of The Morning Star

Distant Past:
Jvo Julmy (ex-Emerald) – Vocals
Christof Schafer (ex-Wicked Plan)– Guitars
Alain Curty – Guitars
Al Spicher (Emerald) – Drums
Adriano Troiano (ex-Emerald) – Bass

Thomas Winkler (Gloryhammer) – Vocals on Tracks, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 &10
David Luterbacher – Sologuitars on Tracks 3, 8 & 9
Geri Baeriswyl (ex- Anitras Garden) – Drums on Track 8




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