The new album from DIABOL BORUTA will be released via PURE UNDERGROUND! “Widziadla” is by far the strongest Folk Metal album in this year! Martial sounds go over into accordion and citter and have a lot of changing of rhythm, arrangements and music climate. The special touch comes with the polish lyrics which makes the folk touch working perfectly.

The vocalist Paweł Rudobrody do a fantastic job too, so this is the ideal sound for a party although the powerful and dark touch is always “included”. This means you also can listen to the album at home while dancing, drinking or just moshing around the living room table! So forget about the lukewarm middle age Pop Rock coming from some German bands!

This group from Poland transforms the power of the ancient times into forwarding Metal folk hammering sounds of Swiatowid, Odin and others Slavic and Middle Ages European.

1 Nim Zawieje Wiatr
2 Wietrznik
3 Marzanna – Smiercicha
4 Nim Pierwsza Gwiazda Wzesla
5 Rusalka
6 Bledne Ogniki
7 Wyjce
8 Jarmark Widziadel
9 Sobotki
10 W moim ogrodecku
11 The Winder
12 Kupala Night

vocals, bass – Paweł “Rudy” Leniart
guitars, accordion, wooden flute – Mirek “Miras” Mamczur
guitars – Paweł “Rundziou” Szczupak
keyboards, accordion – Dawid “Dejw” Warchoł
drums – Łukasz “Zibra” Zembroń

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