“Dreams of the Heart” is the 3rd release from D’Ercole. Phil Vincent, Damian D’Ercole, William Arnold & Tane DeAngelis have created a melodic rock gem putting them in the same company as Foreigner, Boston, Dokken, Winger and Bon Jovi. Hard rock songs with melody is the order of the day. “Only Child” blasts through your speakers with Beatle-esque harmonies and heavy guitar riffs. “”She Ain’t No Good” pumps an adrenaline rush right into your brain with a solo by Vince O’Regan second to none. The shredding continues with “A Million Miles”, “Lies”, “Hurt Me for the Last Time” and the title track. Easily the best D’Ercole album yet. Real musicians playing real instruments……….what a concept!!!

1. Only Child
2. Givin’ It All to You
3. Dreams of the Heart
4. I’ll Be There for You
5. She Ain’t No Good
6. You Keep Me Waiting
7. Too Little Too Late
8. Lies
9. A Million Miles
10. Hurt Me for the Last Time
11. Wearin’ Me Down

Damiean D’Ercole – vocals, guitar
Phil Vincent – vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums
William Arnold – bass
Vince O’Regan – guitar
Tane DeAngelis – drums

Password: Plotn08


D’Ercole – Dreams of the Heart 2012

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