The release date of the DAWN HAWK album „Judas“ on CD is January 15th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on January 1st, 2016 in our webshop.

DAWN HAWK from Essen/Germany are known to all collectors of rarities because of their extremely hard to get same-titled album from 1990. The second album from 1991 “Judas” is even rarer because of its missing distribution.

1991 was not a good time for LPs and for traditional Heavy Metal. This does not change the quality of the material. “Wonderful World”, “Keep on Moving” and “Flying High” are all very professional and harmonious. If you didn’t hear the extremely hard and exceptional song “Judas” together with the other songs, you wouldn’t believe that it is a song by DAWN HAWK.

But also the two ballads “Into the Night” and “Freedom” in new editions were on highest level.This is a hint to where the band was going to: more experiments and more originality. But unfortunately the band didn’t get that far. “Judas” is a forgotten classic and thus is definitely right to be included in the Karthago Records Heavy Metal Classics series.

Frank Noak’s strangely nasal voice gave the band an original touch.  The bonus tracks on this Karthago Classics CD were from the totally obscure ROSEBUD – album and show also the great quality of the band with classics like “Running home” or another fantastic ballad called “Time to live, time to die”. So this release is inevitable for every 80s Metal fan!

1. Freedom
2. Wonderful World
3. Flying High
4. Our Way To Rock
5. Into The Night
6. Keep Moving
7. Judas Priest
8. Love At First Sight
9. Armageddon (Bonustrack)
10. Running Home (Bonustrack)
11. Kick it Down (Bonustrack)
12. Time To Life, Time To Die (Bonustrack)
13. Fire (Bonustrack)
14. Break My Heart (Bonustrack)
15. Fall From An Angel (Bonustrack)
16. So Shy (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time 75:55 min

Frank Noak – vocals
K.D. Haak – bass
Frank Vandevera – guitars
Werner Lieder – drums

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