13640.pngKnown for being a member of Manowar between 1988 and 1994, David Shankle remains a world renowned super shred guitarist and instructor for all true metal fans – as heard by the upcoming third full-length offering by his band, DSG, titled STILL A WARRIOR. For thirteen years, Shankle has been enjoying a solo career, as evidenced by the two albums, ASHES TO ASHES (2003) and HELLBORN (2007). And STILL A WARRIOR does not disappoint, as it features both metallic anthems and instrumentals with such guest artists as Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, and Parker Lundgren from Queensryche.

Also, the ,,Demonic Solo” (from the movie JEZEBETH) is being hailed as one of the fastest guitar solos in the world. Joining Shankle in DSG are vocalist Warren Halvarson, bassist Mike Streicher, and drummer Gabriel Anthony. STILL A WARRIOR confirms: friends of US metal with a classical shred guitar influences will completely be satisfied by their old hero again!

1. Still A Warrior
2. Ressecution
3. Glimpse Of Tomorrow
4. Demonic Solo (From the movie Jezebeth)
5. Fuel For The Fire
6. Eye To Eye
7. The Hitman (instrumental)
8. Suffer In Silence (Agenda 21)
9. Into The Darkness
10. Across The Line

Mike Streicher – Bass (ex-Wretched)
David Shankle – Guitars (2002-present) (Voodoo Gods, ex-Manowar, ex-Paradoxx)
Gabriel Anthony – Drums (2008-present) (Radakka, Tyrant’s Reign, ex-Battalion, ex-Insania, ex-Monster, ex-Sgt. Roxx)
Warren Halvarson – Vocals (2009-present) (Damien Thorne, Heaven & Hell Chicago)

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David Shankle Group – Still A Warrior (2015)

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