I shouldn’t introduce David Reece, but for those who haven’t heard that name before, and I doubt it, he is one of the most talented singers on the plane. He has been more recognized thanks to his work with ACCEPT  on their late 80’s album, “Eat the Heat” and with BANGALORE CHOIR  featuring on their album “On Target”. Over the years David appeared on several bands such as: GYPSY ROSE, SIRCLE OF SILENCE, STREAM, TANGO DOWNrecently he performed with his band REECE,which released their debut album in 2009, “Universal Language”.

With the mixing of Joey Vera and Martin Kronlund, Reece unleashed his second new album, “Comprimise” with the high rated musicians including: Jack Frost, Paul Morris and Ronnie Parkes. Reece delivers the true feel of Hard Rock with his bluesy voice, although the passing years affected his voice, it is still wonderful to listen to his singing. The first track “Disaster” is a Heavy Metal fire straight to the heart, very solid with plenty of power, attitude and a killer chorus. “End Of It All” keeps the same formula as the previous, a rocking track with strong guitar riff laid in by Mr. Frost. “Someone Beautiful” is a nice ballad, showing the softer side of Reece’s hard edge, it fits like a glove to his bluesy voice and range. However, it doesn’t’ come close to the song “Hold On To You” by BANGALORE CHOIR.

“Along For The Ride” has a winning main riff, energetically driven song that will be easy to get connected to, following the vein of 80’s Hard Rock. “Coast To Coast” retains the Heavy Metal pattern observed on the first tracks, it has a somewhat dark atmosphere provided by the keyboards, the right taste of a scary vibe. “All Roads Leads To War” keeps on the same line of “Coast To Coast”. A Heavy Metal track, but the guitar soloing wasn’t penetrating enough, lacks that twist, too bad for the song is powerful with a killer rhythm guitar. “Evil Never Dies” reminded me little bit of a BLACK SABBATH song, it shares yet another darker atmosphere with riffs that might hint of a strong Tony Iommi influence. The closing song is my favorite track on the album. “Treasure Hunter” stuck in my head and right from the beginning I noticed the shifting rhythm between the guitar and drums, rather a bit of progressive. The chorus is strong; Reece’s voice sounds the best with his roughness that reminded his 80’s period.

The album is very good. The material is quite solid, catchy here and there with a few fillers. I believe that Reece produced better material in the past in comparison to this one, yet I wouldn’t let this one go so easily.

01. Disaster
02. End of it All
03. Fortunate Son
04. Someone Beautiful
05. Along For the Ride
06. Coast to Coast
07. All Roads Leave to War
08. Where My Heart Belongs
09. Everything to Everyone
10. Evil Never Dies
11. Treasure Hunter

David Reece – Vocals
Ronnie Parkes – Bass
Jack Frost – Guitar
Kelly Peterson – Guitar
Paul Morris – Keyboards

Andy Susemihl – guitars
Christian Tolle – guitars

Password: Plotn08


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David Reece – Compromise 2013

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