Japanese Blu-Spec CD pressing of this classic album. The Blue Spec format takes Blu-ray disc technology to create CD’s which are compatible with normal CD players but provides ultra high quality sound. Sony.

In my opinion, this is probably Hall & Oates’ best album overall (my personal favorite), and easily their most forgotten. So many good songs, such as “Wait For Me (Studio version)”, “Intravino” “Woman Comes & Goes”, and “Portable Radio”. The disc was originally released back in the late ’70s during the heyday of punk rock. It starts out sounding like standard Hall & Oates, but, track by track, it slowly “degenerates” into being a punk album by the end! Too bad this one isn’t available domestically. RCA hated this disc from the beginning, along with Daryl Hall’s “Sacred Songs” LP, and both were reluctantly & barely released by RCA, which probably explains why they’ve both been out of print in the US for close to 20 years! Definitely the most daring CD that Hall & Oates have ever released A welcome change from the usual play-it-safe Hall & Oates fare. Every song has merit. Put it on and let it degenerate before your very ears! Well worth the few extra dollars for this import.

1975 – Daryl Hall & John Oates
1976 – Bigger Than Both Of Us
1977 – Beauty On A Back Street
1978 – Livetime (Live)
1978 – Along The Red Ledge
1979 – X-Static
1980 – Voices
1981 – Private Eyes
1982 – H2O
1983 – Rock ‘N Soul Part I (Gratest Hits)
1984 – Big Bam Boom
1985 – Live At The Apollo With David Ruffin & Eddie Kendrick (Live)
1988 – Ooh Yeah!
1990 – Change Of Season


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Daryl Hall & John Oates – 14 Albums Collection, 1975-1990 (Blu-Spec СD Mini LP, Japan), 2011

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