frontThis is a sweet work. This is an honest work. This is a full-heart work. Have A Good Time is a self-released demo album from Italian songwriter Dannie Damien. A young artist who – despite his 24 (only) years – is capable enough in finding his way in the (generally speaking) melodic Rock field; assuming he’ll score a record deal at some time…

Fourteen songs are featured in this demo release. As Damien says, I found myself with a lot of ideas, maybe 20 songs or more, then I’ve decided to work seriously at this project and I’ve made it!. And – I add – Damien frankly lays down his soul in support of some sweetie AOR/US Rock and ‘power’ Pop songs that also flirt with (even) ‘pop’ Country music (remember BON JOVI’s latest release?). Yaep, you’ll find lots of ‘calm’ BON JOVI stuff in this one plus various songs reminded me of the lovability of bands like DANGER DANGER, WHITE LION and AOR (the band). Even ‘old’ AOR acts like STREETHEART or TRILLION are included in Damien’s influence (don’t know if he’s even aware of ’em). As a guitarist, now, Damien is ultra-melodic, recalling the ‘air’ of virtuosos like Vito Bratta (WHITE LION), Neal Schon (JOURNEY) or Ritchie Sambora (BON JOVI) and is really good for his age. His voice – not to forget – reminded me of the melancholy of Aldo Nova or REMBRANDTS’ singing duo (Solem/Wilde) but definitely cannot stand alone as leading the vocal parts.
For a demo release, Have A Good Time is a good piece of melodic music. Still, it’s obvious the production is far far away from the genres’ standards plus this project needs a normal singer (OK, Damien confesses so, too). I think that labels such as Frontiers or AOR Heaven should keep an eye on this 24-year-old rocker. He has some really cool ideas.

1. Start
2. Have A Good Time
3. Rosannah
4. Dirty Little Blonde Bitch
5. Lionheart
6. One Way Ticket To Rock
7. Some Words For You
8. Tonight (Lelystad 2006)
9. All We Want…
10. Where All Things Must Die
11. Fuel And Fire
12. For All The Sheep
13. A Little Bit More
14. Baby Blue Eyes

Dannie Damien (all)
Rachel o’Neill (v on “One Way Ticket To Rock”)
Ciccio Ronchi (v on “Fuel And Fire”)

Password: Plotn08


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Dannie Damien – Have a Good Time !!! (2007)

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