It was with songs like “Rainbow Child” and “Ritual” that Dan Reed Network had a breakthrough in the late 80s. He toured a lot in Sweden back then and more than one girl fell in love for his handsome appearance. And we guys fell for his cocky funky hard rock. Dan Reed Network was a really popular band in Sweden and their albums went up high on our saleschart. Then there was silence, but now Dan Reed is back. ANd that without “his” Network. And that without the heavy, cocky funk rock.

I had the privilege about six months ago to see Dan Reed live at a friend’s home, who had invited Dan Reed for a “home” – gig, and it was a fantastic evening with lots of stories about what happened during the life of his. He talked about his dark period of drugs… He told of his term of monks in Tibet and much more.
So now it’s a more reflection and eco-conscious Dan Reed we face here on the new disc. It is stylish, well arranged pop and the title track, “Closer”, “On Your Side”, “Brave New World” and “Reach for the Sun” – resting safely on an acoustic basis, but if there is something I could have wish for and that I miss is that Dan could have delivered some more uptempo-tunes with his old funk rock roots.
The strongest song is the final “love, peace and understanding-song” – “The Dictator”, an evocative and captivating remake of the Charlie Chaplin film classic message to a world at war.

.1. Coming Up For Air (4:29)
2. Losing My Fear (3:32)
3. Closer (4:04)
4. On Your Side (5:31)
5. Brave New World (4:31)
6. Feels Like Home (4:50)
7. Middle Of Nowhere (4:26)
8. Sacred Ground (4:34)
9. Reach For The Sun (5:10)
10. Candlelight (5:03)
11. Promised Land (4:49)
12. Pray For Rain (4:39)
13. The Dictator (4:56)

Dan Reed – vocals, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, Synth, drum Programming
Rob Daiker -guitar, bass, keyboards, drums
Joe Mengis – drums, percussion
Mike Collins – percussion
Kfir Shtivi – drum Production, keyboards, keyboard Orchestration
Bradly Fish – 21 String Chinese Gu-Zheng
Reem Talhamni – Arabic vocals
Bengan Jonasson – bass
Mark Eliyahu – Turkish Kemence
Srour Saleeba – violin
Shlomtzi Mazuz?-backing vocals
Soraya Tuvan – Throat Singing

Password: Plotn08


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