CHASING DRAGONS hosted their EP launch at The Empire in theirs and mine home town of Leeds. Not only were Chasing Dragons performing, they had four more upcoming bands from Leeds and the surrounding areas: IDLE CREEPPSYCHOBABYLON,GOODBYE SKY HARBOUR and SKARLETT RIOT (a band of note themselves).It was a warm chilled affair and guitarist Zebsintroduced himself and of course knew our own Stevie Roxx! All the bands gave good performances and complimented each other well, although I don’t think the rooms accoustics did the female singers justice. Nice however to see that Leeds has such a promising young rock scene.

Chasing Dragons were the highlight of the evening, performing songs from the EP including the punchy ‘Spawn of the Succubus‘, the debut of ‘Hindsights a Bitch‘ as well as a very good rock cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry The Night‘ and not a meat dress in sight! All this, plus a poet and pole and burlesque dancers made for a great evening which culminated in a friendly stage invasion during their last number.

Take Flight For A Firefight‘ is their limited edition debut EP including a full 8-page glossy booklet, 3 bonus tracks and special edition artwork. It won’t be reprinted and only 100 exist so grab one before they’re all gone from www.chasingdragons.co.uk.  ..now where can I get zebra spandex pants in XL?!

1 Spawn Of The Succubus – Chasing Dragons
2 Mirror’s Edge
3 Black Velvet (Cover)
4 Seeds Of Tomorrow
5 City Of Steel
6 Spawn Of The Succubus (Live Acoustic)
7 Into The Pit (Live Acoustic)


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CHASING DRAGONS – Take Flight for a Firefight 2012

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