One of the interesting and strangely rewarding things about being a power metal enthusiast in 2015 is the fact that, due to the general indifference shown by media outlets and the metal population at large, particularly within the United States, fans don’t really get hit over the head with an uninterrupted outpouring of releases 8 days a week as you might for, say.

01. Painful Lessons 05:36
02. Paths to Exile 07:44
03. Derceto 05:03
04. Terra Firma 06:06
05. Paper Sun 05:29
06. Giantkiller 07:09
07. Doomed 05:11
08. The World Had Two Faces 07:45

Line Up:
Andy Xiong – Guitars (ex-Noble Beast )
Matt Hodsdon – Guitars (Noble Beast, ex-Matt Hodsdon, ex-Epicurean)
Dave Brown – Vocals (ex-Poseidon, ex-Single Bullet Theory)
Aaron Lott – Bass, Vocals (harsh) (Pestifere, ex-Enshrined, ex-Australis, ex-Cold Colours, ex-Golgotha’s Pyre, ex-Sinis, ex-Swatara, ex-Solace of Requiem (live))
Steve Bergquist – Drums (ex-Noble Beast (live))


Chaos Frame – Paths to Exile 2015

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