Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate - The Day The Earth Stopped Turning 2015
POWER PROG is proud to announce the signing of one of Germany’s premier voices of rock, Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz. Now the common goal is the release of his first solo album “The Day The Earth Stopped Turning” under the flag of “Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate” at November 20, 2015 as Double CD, download card, digital download and stream, which was created with the participation of some really big names out of the current rock and metal scene.

01. The Prize Is Shame
02. Head’s Blowing A Fuse
03. Black Water Soul
04. Dogs
05. Perfect To Me
06. Into The Blue
07. Soulburn
08. Man In Flames
09. Last Train To Babylon
10. Lucky Star
11. Song Like Rain
12. Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten
13. Brand New Fire
14. Nothing Left To Give
15. Postcards From Hell
16. The Teacher

Line Up:
Lead & backing vocals:
Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz

Ramy Ali (Freedom Call / Iron Mask)
Markus Kullmann (Fox / Hartmann /Glenn Hughes / ex-Voodoo Circle)

Thomas “Hutch” Bauer (Mad Max / ex-Evidence One / Frontline)
Alex Jansen (Fox)
Henning Saleschke (The Brights)
Ilker Ersin (Freedom Call / Powerworld)
Michael “Muelli” Mueller (Jaded Heart)
Mat Sinner (Primal Fear / Voodoo Circle / Sinner)
Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake / -Black Sabbath / -Garry Moore etc.)
Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse / Dead End Heroes)
Volker Krawczak (Axel Rudi Pell)

Holger Seeger (Dead End Heroes)
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Voodoo Circle / Glenn Hughes / Hardline etc.)
Erik Norlander (Solo artist / Lana Lane / Rocket Scientists)

Joerg Wartmann (ex-Evidence One / Unheilig)
Oliver Hartmann (Hartmann / Avantasia)
Axel Rudi Pell (Solo artist)
Stefan Kahne (The Brights)
Guido Stoecker (Bodyguerra)
Matti Filippini (Moonstone Project / Glenn Hughes / Ian Paice)
Kelly Simonz (Solo artist)
Rolf Munkes (Empire / Tony Martin / Dead End Heroes)
Tommy Vitaly (Solo artist)
Steffen Seeger (Midnite Club)
Oliver “O.G.” Guettinger (ex-Czakan / -Backbone Slide)
Cede Dupont (Silent Circus / Downspirit / ex-Freedom Call / ex-Symphorce)
Helge Engelke (Fair Warning)
Chris Lyne (Mother Road / ex-Soul Doctor)
Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell / ex-Uli Jon Roth)
Thorsten Koehne (Eden’s Curse / ex-Hardline)
Pete Ahonen (Burning Point / Stargazery / Ghost Machine)

Additional backing vocals:
Pete Newdeck (Tainted Nation / ex-Eden’s Curse / ex-Grim Reaper)

turbo turbo/lossless

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