BunkerStilts - 3-2-1 Retrofire ! (2015)
If you win and/or get nominated, how will you use your IMA honor to further your career?: Wow, thats putting the cart up there, I would react if / when it would happen, but we will continue to write music, and reach others around the world with our music. If we have IMA to see us as worthy, it will be another tool to use to further our efforts. –

01. Zombie Stomp’in (Single)
02. Daydreaming Again
03. Speed’in 1
04. Speed’in 2
05. Zombie Stomp’in !
06. Radio Blast’in !
07. Terms Of Surrender
08. Here To Jam !
09. Know What I Know
10. Point Of View
11. Make Some Noise !
12. Zombie Eplog !


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BunkerStilts – 3-2-1 Retrofire ! (2015)

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