Brunorock - War Maniacs (2009)

When you leave a high priority bands such as DARK SKY and NIGHTPRIDE you never know where could end up and that is the case with vocalist Bruno Kraler. Bruno has some tantalizing vocals and can write like anyone, but will success come with a price? Not here, Bruno pummeled fans with his first solo effort BRUNOROCK in 1994 and hasn’t looked back since.

It’s now well over ten years since he passed through the gates to a solo career and fans are overjoyed with each new release and in 2009 BRUNOROCK is back with their latest in “War Maniacs”. Eleven tracks of smooth yet volatile melodic rock tunes that will bring pleasure to the ears. The opening track “Breakthrough” starts off with a silky-smooth keyboard montage that make’s way to some searing guitars and Mr. Kraler’ extraordinary vocals. The second track “Liar” is pure rock gold with a superior chorus. If I had to compare Kraler’s vocals I would say they are similar to Michael Eden of EDENS CURSE.


What can you say about a band that has every aspect of perfection released with every song? BRUNOROCK bring a sensation of melodic mastery that made others famous yet BRUNOROCK only are scratching the surface of stardom and once people take notice these boys will be world renowned. The unity of brotherhood surrounding the cast of Kraler makes for a smooth approach in melodic heaven. The enticing keyboards of Allessandro Del Vecchio add depth but when you have three guitars in perfect harmony you must take notice. Songs like “Julia” and “Last Ride” are explosive, yet if you want to get seductive with a song made for a smoky room you got to check out “In Search Of Faith”.

I feel BRUNOROCK add moiré synthesizer and keyboard on this release then in the past that brings out the sound of STYX at times, especially with “Forever Free”, a song that runs seamlessly into the next track “Time To Run” which just flat out rocks with heavy harmonies.

Love the rendition of AC/DC’s “Touch Too Much”! You can’t go wrong with a “safe” tune that everyone loves but BRUNOROCK brings different elements with a bit more keys and a different style of guitar. I think fans will like it!!!

BRUNOROCK rounds out the release with a sentimental ballad called “Painless Skies”.

The new album “War Maniacs” will be sure to catch the ear of many new BRUNOROCK fans and past fans will be delighted for sure.


01. Breakthrough
02. Liar
03. Julia
04. Last Ride
05. In Search Of Faith
06. Forever Free
07. Time To Run
08. War Maniacs
09. Touch Too Much
10. Temptations
11. Painless Skies

Bruno Kaler (vocals, guitars)
Bobby Altvater (guitars)
Hogel Schulten (bass)
Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards)
Dominik Huelshort (drums)

Password: Plotn08




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Brunorock – War Maniacs (2009)

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