1hird album Ultimate Rebel, from Swedish rockers Bonafide is something of an underground triumph. Wearing their hearts truly on their sleeves this is a Hard Rocking, no nonsense, bullshit free all out ROCK album! Singer/guitarist Pontus Snibb belts out his gravel, whiskey soaked vocals like his life was in danger. Album opener, ‘Make My Own Rules’ is a pure driving rocker that will even have your girlfriend dancing seductively to its bar room riffs. Things follow the same theme throughout with the stomping ‘Doing The Pretty’ driving proceedings forward at an all out pace. Standout track ‘Blue Skies Red’ is a rhythmic belter with Pontus performing some throat shredding velvet chorus’ that deify reality. This guy must live on a diet of whisky, broken glass and Marlboros which sounds painful but it produces a voice that would shred underwear at fifty feet. ‘Rag And Bone Man’ could be off AC/DC’s Back In Black yet sounds timeless and fresh with the dual Gibson’s ripping solo’s from the smoke filled sky.

With the albums ‘live’ feel it adds another dimension and gives it an honesty a lot of overproduced albums sadly lose in interoperation. Closing with the road wreaking ‘Rebel Machine’ with its ZZ Top vibe permeating down Route 66, Ultimate Rebel delivers you to its final destination, which is back where you started…at the bar! So, Bonafide certainly have a case of lightening not striking twice but three times. Ultimate Rebel is a beer soaked, hard rocking, leather arsed, blues infused winner. Crack open some beers, stick the pole in the garden and let your woman entertain you….Bonafide style.

1. Make My Own Rules
2. The Mess
3. Too Fired Up
4. Doing the Pretty
5. Blue Skies Red
6. Rough Cut
7. Rag and Bone Man
8. I Want Out
9. Pick a Window (You´re Leaving)
10.Rebel Machine

Password: Plotn08


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Bonafide – Ultimate Rebel 2012

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