10801734_10205385745112890_8840269009926036208_nBack joy, the best AOR in Spanish and even champagne pretty much rock. The mass media call ended toasting with sparkling, sounded the return of combo that commands from the beginning intbonel battery Borja Well, that remains committed to getting into the group of the greats of our rock and this step will conseguir.Presentación to so the first video from his new album, ‘A game of you’, with the theme that opens, large “The sound of their wings”, reaffirms a clear line of melodic rock of the highest bill. Vocalist Charly Lopez (ex-Barbarossa and Alter Evo),

is spunky school and also sings as a god, with a personality and style class Americans frontmen. I think the group will finally be one of the biggest surprises in the future of the labor Top Artist, the agency that is in our country promotional affairs of people like Joe Bonamassa or Deep Purple.

They played five songs on acoustic concert hall and flirty projections Artistic Madrid Metropol, which was at the top of the press, fans and guests celebrated the download of that melodic hard rock with good guitar solos also the Balmoral Javier -more on aesthetics Muse that of the ancient Bon Jovi- hopefully find a gap in our panorama.Sorprende credibility transmitting with optimistic and vibrant acoustic songs that create an exciting climax, tucked behind the trio palms claims in each of the songs. Very good aesthetics live long chorus songs and desire are the best presentation of these Bon Vivant throwing his second job with better prospects, looking for a place on land easy but we still moves, like old Toto songs Bon Jovi or 80.

01-El son de tus Alas
05-La penúltima
06-Darlo todo
07-Sueña Bonito
08-Volver a creer
09-Un poco de ti
10-Si somos dos
11-Aún estás cerca
12-Ahora que no estas

Charly López: Voz, coros y Violines
Borja Bueno: Batería y coros

Javier Balmoral: Guitarras y coros

Ángel Maga: Bajo y coros.; Rafa Martín: Voz en “Si somos dos”;Joaquín Padilla: Voz en “Soy”;
Pau Álvarez: Teclados en “Calíope”, “Si somos dos” y “Soy”; WilliamFiltho: Teclados en “Ahora que no estas”, “Darlo todo”, “El son de sus alas”, “Felicidad”, “Un poco de ti”, “volver a creer” y “sueña bonito” ; Juanjo Jiménez: Teclados en “Aun estas cerca” y “La penúltima”
Juan Sánchez: Solo de guitarra en “Aun estás cerca”;Chema de la Iglesia: Coros ; Julio Rubio: Coros
Ignacio Prieto: Coros; Gonzalo van Rooy: Coros

Password: Plotn08


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Bon Vivant – Un juego de ti (2015)

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