Blackthorne - Afterlife - frontThe founder of the California-based supergroup BLACKTHORNE became iconic guitarist Bob Kulick (Kiss, ex-BALANCE, MEAT LOAF), he teamed up with keyboardist Jimmy Waldo (ex-NEW ENGLAND, ALCATRAZZ). In place of the singer was invited by Graham Bonnet (ex-RAINBOW, MSG, ALCATRAZZ, IMPELLITTERI) deadline raised the question of a worthy project of the rhythm section and the first choice of steel band WHITE LION: bassist James Lamenzo (James Lamenzo) and drummer Greg D’Angelo (Greg D’Angelo, ex-ANTHRAX).

The group began performing in clubs and reputation to turn out. As a result of this activity rhythm section one hundred percent changed: the place of bassist came Chuck Wright (Chuck Wright, ex-QUIET RIOT, IMPELLITTERI, HOUSE OF LORDS), while the drummer – Frankie Banapa (Frankie Banali, ex-QUIET RIOT, HUGHES & THRALL, WASP, HEAVY BONES). Specifically, in this format BLACKTHORNE started recording his own album. Do not even depend on the will of the party people, Kulik took the producing of their hands. It was also decided not to go on about the newfangled trends and create the material in the spirit of an old conventional hard rock. In addition to members of the group in the songwriting took the role of Paul Taylor (Paul Taylor, ex-WINGER), Steve Plunkett (Steve Plunkett, ex-AUTOGRAPH) and Mark Ferrari (Marc Ferrari, ex-KEEL, Ferrari). Bonnet for his part made its own contribution in the form of compositions bessmmertnoy RAINBOW All Night Long.

1. Cradle To The Grave – 4:41
2. Afterlife – 5:24
3. We Won’t Be Forgotten – 6:00
4. Breaking The Chains – 4:53
5. Over And Over – 4:48
6. Hard Feelings – 4:44
7. Baby You’re The Blood -3:24
8. Sex Crime – 4:55
9. Love From The Ashes – 4:38
10. All Night Long (Rainbow Cover) – 5:04

Bob Kulick – guitar,back vocals
Chuck Wright – bass, back vocals
Graham Bonnet – vocals
Frankie Banali – drums,percussion
Jimmy Waldo – keyboards,back vocals


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Blackthorne – Afterlife (1993)

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