Munich may be regarded as a capital of Bavaria, so generally regarded as quiet, respectable and even stuffy – the three rockers BLACK LIGHTNING seems to be, however, sausage, because the beat on their matching “Born To Rock” titled debut is anything but quiet tones and insert knotless a hard rock album by Australian tradition altogether before.

After the troops in the local underground already could earn a reputation as a love seen live band with outstanding entertainer qualities, in BLACK LIGHTNING come out now on CD as an absolute rock ‘n’ roll party animals: In “Born To Rock” gambles, the force for a good half hour honest, good-humored rock music according to its traditional three-chord pattern, as it is known from Australian dinosaurs like AC / DC and ROSE TATTOO.Although the trio goes so not quite up to the current top rookie AIRBOURNE,

the comparison with local needs such ruckus brothers EAT THE GUN but not to fear. Songs show as “Take It Or Leave It,” that the gentlemen of course especially like to serve on the aforementioned AC / DC in their earlier works, which is consistently interpreted positively, because that was “Born To Rock” by the bank to provide straightforward, catchy sing-along and absolutely suitable for hard rock numbers, flirting back and open again with the Blues. The change comes in BLACK LIGHTNING fortunately not too short, and though not every song on this album is equally strong, the band keeps on her debut but a fairly high level. In terms of loose riffs and earthy lead guitar – listen to this absolutely “Kicked Out Of Business” – the Munich sound even completely authentic, only the vocals of frontman Thomas Bauer makes in songs such as “Bombshell” a bit of the appropriate snotty rock miss ‘n’ roll attitude – which is unfortunate, especially grandiose numbers like “Point Of No Return” and “Road Runner” suggest that the husband may actually be more.Finally, it should be mentioned that, “Born To Rock” for the debut of a local underground band produces surprisingly good, although the sound almost a bit anmutet too sterile – so work jam deposits as in “Bombshell”, which live safe the cracker are, on CD unfortunately not quite as good. But that is the only thing you can accuse the otherwise flawless production.

The very likeable album cover suggests that it is for the men of BLACK LIGHTNING around quite down to earth types must act and their music that reflects: nine songs long has the band on “Born To Rock” earthy hard rock without dazzling accessories but this in a nutshell. Way to go guys!

Track List:
01. Born To Rock
02. Bombshell
03. Take It Or Leave It
04th Point Of No Return
05th Kicked Out Of Business
06th Let It Out
07th Road Runner
08th Cause I Can
09th Hell Breaks Loose

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Black Blitz – Born To Rock 2011

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