FrontIt is the 1st album of American HR band. Although some sound quality is bad, about it does not seem completely self-produced board is in terms of content is finished in high-quality HR album. Since sound feeling, such as those in hard the JOURNEY and TOTO only a little, is recommended for those who love the band of the hand.

The first music of the title track “Constant Pounding” rust of the chorus is impressive HR number, the third song “Anytime Anywhere”, where Yudanere only relaxed and friendly melody line, a good dream concerning as it is deep sleep look likely superb ballad, is a tongue-in-cheek number is charm of the 11 tracks, there is a very hear meet such is excellent way upsurge of the bridge in the 12th track of the up-tempo “you Got Me”, and the like tour de force.
The presence of far Repro board is to not be confirmed, will probably also much lower possibility of this with only a minor recurrence.

1.Constant Pounding
2.Hold On
3.Anytime Anywhere
4.F.F.F. (Full Frontal Force)
5.Pop the Top
6.No Looking Back
7.Miss Your Love
8.Sexy Ways
9.Nobodys Fool
10.Keep You Lovin’ Me
11.Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh***
12.You Got Me

Andy McKinney bass, vocals
David Hayes lead and backing vocals
Jamie Barker keyboards, vocals
Jeffrey Allan Bonenfant percussion
Tony Visconti guitars, vocals
Password: Plotn08



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Barrage – Constant Pounding 1991

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