What a great way to market the band. I was at Electric Lady-land when you guys recorded the first album. You were in studio A, Peter Frampton was in studio B, and BJ Kramer was in studio C. What a studio!
Do you remember when Eddie Kramer came in with Frampton’s tape, and Peter with his band? He said he recorded it flat, and mixed it right in front of us! I was sitting at the console, with the Voice of the Theatre speakers above. WOW, was that cool. I asked Eddie if he had any Hendrix recordings in the closet. He told me he had a zillion hours of Jimmy just playing in the studio. He would turn on the recorders when Jimmy was just playing by himself. Then he would leave the recording room, and Jimmy would just play. Imagine what the public has never heard from Hendrix! I was also at your first show at the bottom of the Empire State Building. I can’t remember the name of the place. Maybe it was Huntington Hartford’s? I met Ahmet Erdigan (SP) that night also. Greek meets Turk. What a great review you guys got in the NY Times. The next Beatles….I was doing record covers then. Did the last 2 Beatle albums, all the new Beatle solo albums, ABC/Dunhill records, some Stones amongst a ton of other groups. No Atlantic Records however.

01. Where Do We Stand 03:50
02. Ditz About You 03:42
03. In Another World 03:06
04. Oh My 04:09
05. It’s Alright 03:29
06. Bye 03:28
07. There’s a Hope 02:53
08. Two Geminis 02:37
09. You’re Not Alone 03:38
10. You & I 03:49
11. Help’s on the Way 02:28
12. Angels 03:33
13. Do It Suite 03:40
14. Just Like That (Live) 04:26
15. No Gettin Around My Love (Live) 05:44

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Barnaby Bye – Thrice Upon A Time 2008

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