FrontIn Irish mythology, the banshee is a female spirit whose wailing portends a death and for some reason and referred to the English punk icon Siouxsie, banshee is usually translated into Castilian as “croaker”. It is also the name used for the new group of Marcos Vasquez (ex-KUARENTENA) and Rafa Suarez (ex-ATLAS) not only composed almost the entire EP, but also is also responsible for the cover next to Lau Cleo also good graphic designer of the script.
These two known accompany them Dani G. (DarkSun) on guitars and drums by Adrian Lopez (BELO And the above), at least as studio musicians, as for direct BANSHEE apparently seeking new musicians.

As for the proposed crossing BANSHEE is a modern metallic guitars and voices kept. Voices manicured generally, but particularly in vocal melodies remind even more to pop than rock and some air to BLUE BLOOD. It opened with “Something True” and new BLUE BLOOD bear his influence on the hard rock of “need” which has a chorus you can remember.
A style like this, unencrypted and easy to assimilate, calls sound clear where guitar solos, melodies and rhythmic base and not lose detail in the Asturian recording Dynamita Studies (LAND OF NO ONE, HARD SPIRIT or EDEN) with master / Dani G. mixture of that, it succeeds remarkably, so that “The Fire of Your Skin” or “No Mask” are great examples of hard rock full of quality.
The ballad that could not miss a recording of this style, although it is slowly hardening is represented by its “Virus”, relaxed and full of romantic piano composition, melodies and a catchy chorus that probably will stick with two or three listeners to the one issue where keys protagonist carry more weight, as in the other five have little weight.
The twenty-five minute presentation will end with the EP’s fastest theme: “No Mas ask”. Adrenaline hardrockera of clean sound, and a casual air guitar solo vibrant and fast.
Logically these Asturian called BANSHEE not invent the hot water, but I am convinced that followers of ATLAS or BLUE BLOOD own can feel comfortable listening to the new six-song of a project that with time and a little support could become a group full time.

1. Algo de Verdad
2. Necesito
3. Al Fuego de tu Piel
4. Virus
5. Sin Antifaz
6. No Pido Mas

Rafa Suárez: Guitarra y voz
Marcos Vázquez: Bajo
Dani G.: Guitarra
Adrián López Fernández: Batería

Password: Plotn08




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