Atem - Nouse Kauas Pimeyteen (2015)
A little town in northern Finland. In a basement of a house, the idea of Atem started to take shape. It was winter 1995 and the amplifiers had 15 watts. The years went by. Band member count fluctuates and finally settles. Music style speeds up, roars, tames down a little and grows with ambition. The stages and home studios became familiar. Now it’s spring 2015 and the power ratings are 100 watts. The idea has taken form.

The debyt album of Atem “Nouse kauas pimeyteen”, could be categorized as finnish metal with progrock influences. It is one big conceptual work divided in eight parts. A metaphysical journey between two worlds, which leaves the details for the listener to interpret. Musically one can find melancholic distortions, peace

1. Hengestä
2. Verestä
3. Tyhjyydestä
4. Unien Portilla
5. Tulesta
6. Ikuisuudesta
7. Hiljaisuudesta
8. Viimeinen Laulu


Atem – Nouse Kauas Pimeyteen (2015)

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