At Vance have been around since 1998, and since then they have started have released 8 albums and 2 compilations, and they are now about to release “Facing Your Enemy” via AFM Records on 27th April. The current line up consist of guitarist and original founding member Olaf Lenk, vocalist Rick Altzi, bassist “Wolfman” Black and Drummer Alex Landenburg. “Heaven Is Calling” kicks off this album, the galloping beat accompanied by technical guitar riffs and powerful vocals lead the listener into the album and gives just a small idea as to what the rest of the album will be like.

[spoiler]“Facing Your Enemy”, the title track on this album, starts with an almost industrial feel before the guitars then begin their chorus and the vocals kick in and a truly powerful song is born.  A power ballad that makes you want to raise your glass to the sky and sing along. You can see why they chose this song as the title track.

“Eyes Of A Stranger” jumps into gear with opening riffs reminiscent of “Suicide Solution” by Ozzy Osbourne, before heading straight to their roots that is power metal, reminding you of fellow bands Primal Fear and Angels Of Babylon.  This song leads perfectly into “Fear No Evil” which slows the pace but includes strong vocal lead choruses.

“Live and Learn” explodes through the speakers, once again with a heavy Ozzy sounding opening riff, a voice pierces through the guitars and another great song takes hold.  “Don’t Dream” and “Seeing Me Crying” are the two slowest songs on the album and lulls the listener into a false sense of security because when “Saviour” kicks in with traditional power metal the listener is rocked to the foundation.

“Tokyo” takes you away on a helicopter ride, with synth, panpipes and a tale of falling in love with a Japanese girl. This is certainly a love song with a difference. An AOR sounding song that still fits in perfectly on this album.  We are then met with “March of the Dwarf” which is the only instrumental on this album, but shows off the talents of the guitarist, bassist and the drummer.

At Vance don’t stay away from power metal for long when “Fame and Fortune” bursts into life. We are then sadly come to the last song on the album “Things I Never Needed”.  It  is a definite contrast to anything else on this album.  A slow, acoustic song it really does show the versatility of these talented musicians.


It’s not hard to see why this band is still around and still going strong, and I for one cannot wait to see what their next album has in store.


01. Heaven Is Calling (4:51)
02. Facing Your Enemy (4:32)
03. Eyes Of A Stranger (3:44)
04. Fear No Evil (3:52)
05. Live & Learn (3:33)
06. Don t Dream (5:27)
07. See Me Crying (6:06)
08. Saviour (3:39)
09. Tokyo (4:09)
10. March Of The Dwarf (1:53)
11. Fame And Fortune (4:21)
12. Things I Never Needed (3:45)

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At Vance – Facing Your Enemy (2012)

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