astralThe CD will be released on January 21, 2014 via Bakerteam Records.
Produced by the bandmembers themselves, with mixing and mastering duties held by Andrea De Paoli (LABYRINTH, VISION DIVINE) at Multimedia Sound Studio, “Arcanum Gloriae” features special guest appearances by renowned singers Fabio Lione (RHAPSODY OF FIRE, VISION DIVINE, HOLLOW HAZE)

on the song “Where Heroes Die” and Giuseppe “Ciape” Cialone (ROSAE CRUCIS) on the song “Falsi Dei”.

1. Arcanum Gloriae (intro)
2. Holy Knights
3. King of the North
4. Moonlight
5. Tale of the Elves and Pain
6. Where Heroes Die (Feat. Fabio Lione)
7. I am the King
8. My Lord
9. Welcome to my Reign
10. Falsi Dei (Feat. Giuseppe “Ciape” Cialone

Marco Scorletti – Lead Vocals
Luca Gagnoni – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Daniele Cerchietti – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Davide Di Patrizio – Drums
Yeshan Gunawardana – Keyboards
Mirko Margiotti – Bass

Password: Plotn08


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