Ancore - Broken Gain
ANCORE from Styria are the some readers may be familiar, as the young men have rocked the stage already in the “Big Chance” in the ORF. And for that matter, this happened in a very authentic and surprisingly fresh way. I had the pleasure to review the previous releases of the band and felt their mix of rock, metal and metalcore as entertaining and high quality music.

But ANCORE would not ANCORE if they had not been forged further plans. With “Broken Gain” bless us Südösterreicher (Note: I renounce now deliberately cliché fuss à la “seed Rocker”) with an unplugged album. Unplugged? Do we need that? An answer to this I did not. Perhaps “need” is not this, but dismiss this per se as stupidity, would especially in this case, a big mistake.

1. Broken Gain
2. Legends
3. Against The Enemy
4. Voice
5. Until The End Of Bloody Day
6. Bang Your Heads
7. Everyday
8. Narrow Path
9. Feelings Of Guilt
10. Chinese Fly
11. Condemned To Die
12. Unreal Pictures
13. Insight
14. In Between
15. I Hate You
16. Walls Of Damnation
17. Reset To Zero
18. Badger On The Fast Lane
19. No One Loves Me

Bass/Vocals: Harry
Guitar/Vocals: Tim
Guitar: Andy
Drums: Burgi

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Ancore – Broken Gain 2015

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