CoverFinnish metal sextet AMORAL will release its seventh studio album in early 2016. “In Sequence”, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows”, will be made available in Japan on January 29 via Ward Records, and in the rest of the world on February 5 through Imperial Cassette (Gordeon Music, GSA).

The first single from “In Sequence”, a song called “Rude Awakening”, can be streamed below.

“Rude Awakening” is a great example of the style of the upcoming album, says vocalist-guitarist Niko Kalliojärvi. “One song, a lot to listen to!” he explains. “The opening track of the new album starts off epic yet brisk. Accompanied by multi-layered guitar parts and tight rhythmic playing, both of the band’s vocalists can now be heard on the same track for the first time ever.”

The album cover is designed by Aki Siltala, who is also one of the most well-known tattoo artists in Finland…

01. In Sequence (Prologue)
02. Rude Awakening
03. The Betrayal
04. Sounds Of Home
05. The Next One To Go
06. Helping Hands
07. Defuse The Past
08. From The Beginning (The Note Part 2)

Ben Varon – Guitars (Grease Helmet, ex-Tornado)
Juhana Karlsson – Drums (ex-Crystal Blaze, ex-Shear, ex-Tornado, ex-Elenium)
Niko Kalliojärvi – Vocals & Guitars (Dotma, Humavoid, Lithuria, ex-Paingrin, ex-Flesh Deformation, ex-Tracedawn)
Pekka Johansson – Bass (Causemos, ex-General Winter, ex-Nerlich, ex-Night Must Fall, ex-Tornado)
Ari Koivunen – Vocals (Raskasta Joulua, ex-Ari Koivunen)
Masi Hukari – Guitars & Synth

Password: Plotn08



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Amoral – In Sequence (2016)

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