CoverAirstream is the new band of Staffan ´Stiff` Karlsson, former singer of Sky Of Rage. After Sky Of Rage Stiff had a new concept in mind a band in the Hard Rock/AOR style with storyteller elements. He started to put a band together. On bass he found Mikael Höglund from Thunder. They had played together in younger years and if felt right to join forces again. Mikael started to record song by song and Stiff was really impressed. For the touring line up they hired Tommy Moon and Mathias Brask from the band Beat The Brat. Since Stiff is working as a songwriter for major companies, he is in touch with Gladys Del Pilar (Afrodite).

She liked the Airstream recordings and introduced Kee Marcello to play guitar on the recording. Close before mixdown Thomas Larsson, former lead guitarist of the Glenn Hughes Band play additional solos on the album. KINGDOM OF ISOLATION is a brand new highlight in classic rock music.

01. The Power Of Music
02. You Had The World In Your Hands
03. Hold On To What We’ve Got
04 Oh Mother Oh Father
05. We Don’t Look Back
06. Addicted
07. Kingdom Of Isolation
08. Lost In Fears
09. House Of Pain
Mathias Brask – guitar
Mikael Höglund – bass (ex-Thunder)
Staffan Karlsson – vocals (ex-Sky Of Rage)
Tommy Moon – drums

Kee Marcello – guitar (ex-Europe)
Thomas Larsson – guitar (ex-Glenn Hughes Band)

Password: Plotn08



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Airstream – Kingdom Of Isolation 2015

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