44Caliber, heading out from Uppsala, Sweden, is a hard rock 4-piece act destined to conquer the world and give you good music back. With brilliant guitar riffs and vocals made to kill, their dynamic sound is ready to tear you apart. Good looks, bad manners, killer hits and lyrics that speaks directly to you is what it’s all about. A combination of anger aggression and just wanting to have fun spiced up with all the decadence you can find. Brilliant at the basics, divine on the skills and just about everything you can handle.

01. Little Miss Trouble (3:56)
02. Cure (2:59)
03. Armageddon (2:56)
04. Sunday Morning 8 AM (1:53)
05. Walls of Silence (3:13)
06. Fake (3:23)
07. Too Many Lies (3:03)
08. Miles Away (4:25)
09. Point of View (2:46)
10. All These Wasted Years (2:57)

C.C. – Vocals
Chris – Guitar
Divine – Guitar
Nikke – Bass
Jojo – Drums


44 Caliber – Can You Handle… (2010)

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