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14554177 n Sing Sing Sing   The Crossover 2014


The Danish band Sing Sing Sing dropped during Tuesday's debut album "The Crossover" and is a plate to check out a little extra if you like names like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles.Great music, and the group chose my Into the Mist photograph of Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi for the CD cover. READ MORE

1412105590 1 Wonderworld   Wonderworld (2014)

[Hard Classic Rock From Norway and Italy]

What do you get if you mix the Vikings with the ancient Romans (well, okay...Norwegians with an Italian)? - The coolest classic rock trio you can imagine; WONDERWORLD! READ MORE

105991818904 n The Fire   Bittersweet 2014 EP


The Italian hard rock band The Fire released on Tuesday EP "Bittersweet". READ MORE

Front29 E19   Lifespan (2014)


The greatest melodic rock band to never make it out of the 80's! Reminiscent of 80's melodic rock bands, catchy hooks, melodies, fat production, tons of guitar. This album contains the "melodic rock" greatest hits from a few of Gary Schutt's solo albums, featuring a remix of She's Letting Go and Stranded live.


Front28 Ricky Mourao   Being Chased (2014)


This is Ricky's debut album. The different style and flavour of every track, is going to surprise you.


9341 n ShadowQuest   All One 2014 SINGLE
Today release the new metal band ShadowQuest her debut single "All One"
For years, the world has suffered from metal incompleteness. For too long, Gaia has waited in silence and stillness. The wait, although painfully long, is finally over.

1211950 Savage Wizdom   A New Beginning 2014
Epic, melodic metal highly influenced by the likes of bands like Helloween and Iron Maiden.

1212220 Various Artists   Best Metal Ballads (Vol.4)
Best Ballads Metal Of The Word READ MORE

1412141410 1972394 779169985439700 2734571713008149473 n Calibre Zero   Con Las Botas Puestas (2014)
Calibre Zero Madrid is a band formed in 2007 by Ricardo Lázaro Lázaro Miguel vocals and guitar. After two years of work and finding the right members complete training with Pedro Peláez on bass and Antonio Cuenca on drums in early 2008 bringing together the same lineup since. READ MORE

1412140614 1 The Francesco Artusato Project   Our Dying Sun (2014)
Francesco Artusato (Devil You Know, All Shall Perish) has returned with his second full-length solo album - titled "Our Dying Sun" - under the name The Francesco Artusato Project. READ MORE

1412113265 1  Infinitys Call   Unconditional (2014)
Infinity's Call are a four piece unit from Ulm, Germany. They've been around in one guise or another for about ten years releasing their first album, 'Light In The Dark', in 2004. This new one, 'Unconditional', comes together via the combined forces of vocalist Claus Zeller, guitarist Philipp Zanella, drummer Uwe Hofmaier and bassist Ralf Neumann.

2010 Blues Will Tang   Blues 2010

Artist: Will Tang
Title Of Album: Blues
Year Of Release: 2010
Genre, Style: Modern Electric Blues
Country: United Kingdom
Type, Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Total Size: 185 mb

Born in Rochdale to British and Chinese parents


2014 front Melissa Etheridge   This Is M.E. 2014Artist: Melissa Etheridge
Title Of Album: This Is M.E.
Year Of Release: 2014
Genre, Style: Rock
Country: United States
Type, Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Total Size: 102 mb


4 White Empress   Rise of the Empress (2014)

Исполнитель: White Empress
Альбом: Rise of the Empress
Год выхода: 2014
Жанр: Extreme Symphonic Metal (Female Vocals)
Формат / Битрейт: МР3 / 320 kbps
Размер: 127 Mb
Время: 00:54:02