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10675625 739289189473946 6453999713218410609 n Silver   Idolized 2014
The SILVER history began in 2001 when Gary Barden (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, PRAYING MANTIS, STATETROOPER) and Michael Voss (CASANOVA, BONFIRE, MAD MAX, DEMON DRIVE) first met and started to join forces with Andreas Broon (SISTERS OF MERCY/DORO) to write the songs for the legendary first SILVER album. More»

ride on booklet CAPA  Superstitious   Ride On The Stars 2014
A few days ago released the melodic hard rock band Superstitious his new album "Ride On The Stars", which is available to listen to below. More»

1414084703 1 Metal Machine   Free Nation (2014)
METAL MACHINE is finally delivering the recordings from a few years back that led to numerous high profile shows in Europe. The band fronted by lead singer CSABA ZVEKAN is making the recordings available for a Worldwide digital release via DREAM RECORDS due on October 24th, 2014 under the title “FREE NATION“.

cover House Of X   House Of X 2014The two-up, two down, features, on the Ground Floor, the powerhouse foundation of Clive Edwards (dr) and Rocky Newton (b). On the First Floor, there's the magic of Laurence Archer (guit) and the seemingly unstoppable drive of Danny Peyronel (voc). All the materials used in this construction were forged in some of England's best, toughest and most demanding quarries and foundries, the guys having worked between them previously with: Def Leppard, Meat Loaf, M.S.G. and U.F.O.,


b71f7 Savage Playground   Mess Again 2014 EP


Recommended if You Like - AC/DC Guns n Roses Motley Crue
A new reckoning force in the Rock and Roll scene. A resurrection of the Hard Rock from the 1970’s and 1980’s but with a more prominent sound, often heavier and harder hitting to viewers listening. Rock and roll lives and breathes in a savage playground. More»

2 The Quireboys   This Is Rock n Roll II (2014)


Classic band The Quireboys have just come with the album "This Is Rock n Roll II", which is a remake of their third studio album from 2001. More»

e3623e916f94b639f540f91ed7692c23d3fa68a7 Beggars Blues Diary   Desperate rock nroll 2014


The Greek band Beggar's Blues Diary released a few months ago his third studio album "Desperate rock n'roll" and is a plate to check out a little extra if you like names like The Answer and Rival Sons. More»

1414092841 1  Hell Fuckin Yeah!   Metal Bratze (2014)
Pack the eggs out - we need to talk!
Back when denim jackets were bought a number larger to have more space for patches and you could quite openly wear his hair down, so at that time would have Hell Fuckin 'Yeah! stadiums filled. More»

1414089988 666  Vanish   Come To Wither (2014)
Stuttgart, Germany-based traditional/progressive metal act, Vanish, will release their new album, Come To Wither, on October 24th via Massacre Records.

"Traditional metal meets modern synth sounds and progressive elements - with this combination we prove that classic elements and modern metal elements can co-exist."

1414089547 1 Red Circuit   Haze Of Nemesis (2014)
RED CIRCUIT - Power-Prog-Metal From Germany
Ever since Red Circuit was formed in 2006 by producer and mastermind Markus Teske, RED CIRCUIT have been steadily pursuing their way to the top of the Power and Progressive Metal scene.

1414088415 44444444444  Escapetor   Fear (2014)
Escapetor was originally established in 1999 by Ragnar A. Nord-Varhaug and Leif-Ove Haugstad as a Thrash/Heavy metal band. A total of 5 CD’s was released between 1999 and 2005 with various changes to the line-up. In 2009 Escapetor recorded and released Misanthropia’, a corner-stone in what is the new era of Escapetor. More»

0e4561b79488de4a24d3771cf345b468 Made in America, Vol. 2 (2013)
Sony's Made in America, Vol. 2 delivers 20 "Classic All-American Anthems," some of which, such as Boston's "Don't Look Back," Blue Öyster Cult's "Burning for You," and Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," live up to the claim, while others like Toto's "I'll Supply the Love" and Bruce Hornsby & the Range's "Mandolin Rain" are questionable at best. More»

The Return Of The Zap Rhythm Band Guy Schwartz   The Return Of The Zap Rhythm Band 2014Artist: Guy Schwartz
Title Of Album: The Return Of The Zap Rhythm Band
Year Of Release: 2014
Genre, Style: Rock, Funk, Country, Blues
Country: United States
Type, Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Total Size: 94 mb


1414077300 555885 237958346358504 515671197 n  Sinnergod   The Seven Deadly Sinphonies (2013)
Sinnergod are a five piece British alternative metal band from Wigan, England. Their sound is recognisable as an atmospheric, layered wall of sound consisting of guitar driven riffs and symphonic keyboards. The band have built a fanbase following support slots with bands such as Misfits (Band), Bam Margera of CKY (band) and Jackass (TV Series), Blaze Bayley, Eso formerly Esoterica (band), More»

1414079626 1  Rage Of Romance   Rage Of Romance (2014)
Rage of Romance is a romantic power metal band from Greece that combines atmospheric themes with aggression and power.
Rage of Romance were formed on 2010 by Iraklis and Leonidas Deligiorgis, members of Kavala-based metal band Windfall. The project aimed to combine atmospheric and symphonic themes with aggression and power, reinventing the boundaries of melodic gothic/power metal music. More»

1414073742 1 Megaherz   Zombieland (2014)
Megaherz (English "Mega-heart", a pun on the homophone "megahertz") is an industrial metal group formed in Munich, Germany in 1993. One of the band's most famous songs is "Gott sein" ("To be God") on their first full album Wer Bist Du? ("Who Are You?").

1414075333 harlej  Harlej   Na Prodej (2014)
In the spring of 1995 in Prague was Harlej band. All founding members are already in a musical group and were either abandoned her or just associate. Heres a Rauer were further Alkehol members, Safranek with Rauer left of Brian Fiala (Kreyson) and shura (Band of William Coka) from John Dovanniho. More»

400x400 LONEWOLF   Cult Of Steel 2014
The band LONEWOLF will release their new CD entitled "Cult Of Steel" on 2014-10-24 via MASSACRE Records

426 Sonata Arctica   Ecliptica   Revisited [15th Anniversary Edition] (2014)

Исполнитель: Sonata Arctica
Альбом: Ecliptica - Revisited [15th Anniversary Edition]
Год выхода: 2014
Жанр: Power Metal
Формат / Битрейт: МР3 / 320 kbps
Размер: 121 Mb
Время: 00:50:52

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